Stop Wireless Smart Meters

"The electromagnetic field is the perfect secret agent: you cannot see it, you cannot smell it, you cannot hear it, and its effects are slow but relentless."
Volter Hertenstein

"Federal law is the supreme law of the land, but there is no constitutional provision that says federal facts are the supreme facts of the land. Federal law can preempt state law, but it cannot preempt scientific fact. The scientific truth, whatever it may be, lies outside of the FCC regulations about what is safe or unsafe."
Judge Weisberg

"Childrens's Health Defense is committed to protecting children from toxic exposures. The FCC's brief provides further evidence that it is a captured agency that puts the interests of telecom ahead of the health of children, We are committed to making our government accountable, and giving a voice to injured children, their parents, their doctors, and the scientists who have spoken out for justice on this issue."
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr

Wake up New Jerseyans your being invaded! Your about to, or already have a mandatory surveillance device placed on your house. It will irradiate you with carcinogens 24 hours a day, make you sick, and keep track of your daily activities. If you resist you'll face a cut-off of utilities, and/or pay stiff penalties.

Refer to the "2011 New Jersey Energy Master Plan", which considers smart metering and distributed solar panels. And thanks to hurricane Sandy, a smart grid appears to be in the forefront which will send outage data to a central computer rather than waiting for customers to call. If the people of NJ are smart they will take preemptive measures and stop smart metering before it's too late.

Newark, NJ is in the process of installing smart water and electric meters on all homes in the city. They have recently passed a law that will subject residents to penalties if they do not allow this installation of smart meters. There are also pilot projects in the works. Welcome to the police state of NJ

The onslaught has arrived to rural residential properties of NJ. A next door neighbor in Morris County now has a new digital electric meter. Pulsed microwaves for wireless communications have not yet been detected, but it is emitting continuous pulsed radiation that is detected by an instrument that measures fields in the 135 MHz band. These pulses are either from very poorly designed switching mode power supplies, the metering electronics or digital display.

The noise measured by an MFJ-852 Line Noise Meter is powerful even at 30 ft and can be detected much further. The noise has found it's way on to the electrical system as dirty electricity. The dirty electricity reading has risen by at least 50% since the meter was installed. At over 100 ft the noise is intense and penetrates our house, causing tinnitus, chest pains and a headache for this electrosensitive person. With or without wireless communication digital meters are unacceptable, and analog meters are the only safe option,

Radio frequencies emitted from the digital electric utility meter have appeared mitigated. Noise is less widespread and less intense. but unacceptable for an ES person. A sample MFJ-852 clip from June 2022.

Rockland Electric is the first to roll out wireless smart meters in northern NJ.

The rollout of these meters is an assault on the public of NJ. Officials willfully turn a blind eye to clear evidence that EMF is a carcinogen and debilitates the hypersensitive."This is genocide part I", "This is genocide part II".

Eli has opted out of a JCP&L smart meter, and he is retaining the legacy, analog electric meter. This is a temporary lifesaver. When the analog meter fails it will be replaced with a digital unit, and these analog meters are near end of life.

"This audio clip is taken 50 ft from the digital electric utility meter with a shortwave radio at 14 Mhz". It's prevalent on YOUR electrical lines and in the air

"This audio clip is taken outside with a shortwave radio at 15 Mhz". It is indicative of a poorly designed switched mode power supply, gnawing away at all of YOU.

You don't want a smart meter which will invade the privacy of your home. Our nation was founded and continues to adhere to the p!rinciples of the constitution and its amendments. Basic to this is the "Right of Privacy" with the supreme court decisions which interpret the Fourth Amendment to guarantee a broad right of privacy in conjunction with "Bill of Rights" provisions. These Interpretations justify protecting ones' own house which includes "smart meter" implications. We must continue to protect basic constitutional rights of privacy and not allow for the installation of "smart Meters" in our homes without consent.

You don't want a wireless smart meter because it emits electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in the form of dirty electricity and radio frequency (RF) radiation which are recognized as class 2b carcinogens by the World Health Organization. Altered physiology from nonthermal levels of RF include reduced fertility, lower sperm counts, sperm motility, EEG, immune function, hormone levels (cortisol, adrenal), Chronic stress caused by elevated secretion of cortisol, adrenaline has been proven to occur at 0.006 uW/cm2 (1/166,000 the FCC limit of 1000 uW/cm2). RF causes an increased production of free radicals and oxidants, resulting in oxidant stress and damages DNA.

Furthermore, RF restricts humans from producing melatonin which is a natural, strong anti-oxidant which helps us sleep and repair DNA damage during sleep, resulting in increased risk of cancer. Chronic exposure produces serious acute and chronic health affects. Upon exposing women to low level microwave radiation (below thermal levels) 47% had miscarriages prior to the 7th week of pregnancy. The power level was 5 uW/cm2 (1/1000 FCC limits) (2, see the New Barrie Trower WiFi report). This is below what most school girls will receive in classrooms with wifi transmitters. Women are at risk of still births, fetal abnormalities or genetically damaged children when they give birth. Genetic damage may pass to future generations. Children are particularly vulnerable because their nervous systems are just developing. The peak intensity of pulses emitted by smart meters are much higher than the biological threshold and well into the range of biological effects. The proliferation of wireless smart meters is an incitement to the environment as our children are increasingly dying of neurological cancers, such as the brain tumors

The U.S. government NTP cell phone study, in addition to the recently released Italian Ramazzini study, provides the scientific evidence governments need to take swift action to protect the public," said Theodora Scarato, Executive Director of EHT who added, "The rollout of 5G small cells must be halted"..

You don't want smart meters that can diminish the value of your home, as the informed seek other states that allow residents to opt out of having a carcinogen and spying device placed on their house. Others may suddenly notice a strange constant hum from the perception of the microwaves that blankets their neighborhood.

You don't want a wireless smart meter because of potential health damages, in which you become stricken with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). You'll join other EMF refugees - those who are sensitized to the constant bombardment of EMF and pulsed microwave radiation, where your home is intolerable as your immune system declines. You have insomnia, a headache, ringing in the ears, chest pains, dizziness, nausea, your computer and cell phone cause pain, and have to sleep in your car, seeking a refuge.

What You Can Do

Sign This Petition to Halt Compulsory Wireless Smart Metering in NJ

Contact Governor Murphy and the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to state your denial of consent to having a wireless smart meter installed on your house. If you already have a smart meter, and feeling ill symptoms then let it be known. You can write to the BPU at,

President Joseph Fiordaliso
Board of Public Utilities
44 South Clinton Avenue
Trenton, Nj 08609-1241


complaints to https//www/

Also, contact the state legislatures in your district, and ask them to vote no on smart meter legislation. Or you can use The Peoples Initiative website to sign a petition for an opt out and ban smart meters. Other states are fighting for their rights, why not NJ?

If your already electrically sensitive then ask your doctor to write a short note on a prescription blank. An example follows: "Ms. - manifests debilitating physical and cognitive symptoms related to exposure to electromagnetic fields. As a result she should avoid living in proximity to wireless smart meters and should maintain an analog utility meter at home."

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