A Refuge
A goal is to develop a refuge in the United States for those who suffer from EHS. This project is conceived as an integration of technology and functional programming specific to creating an environment responsive to MCS and EHS concerns.

Since there is a proposed link between EHS and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), chemical exposure, including indoor pollutants and pesticides will be mitigated. In this community organic gardens will take root rather than wasteful lawns.

Individual Input
A design sensitivity for providing personal/individual characteristics while affording optimal community opportunities is envisioned.

The design parameters are to be formulated from interested persons input and established overall criteria.

Geographic/site location, yet to be determined, should offer greater community relationship while assuring for the focused EHS needs.

For all intents and purposes the expressed design is to be holistic, residential and site integrated.

No Isolation
Although the village concept has a selective resident population base, there is no intent to create an isolated structure, but rather contribute to enjoyment of activities of daily living and personal pursuits.

Overall Criteria
- site located where cell tower and power line exposure is minimized.

- effective format for resident occupancy as may suit the diversity of circumstances.

- affiliation with an
environmental medical resource in formulation of programs and on-going development.

- Bi-Laws which minimize
exposure to a neighbor's
source of EMF - wireless networks, TVs,
computers, power, etc.

- Absolutely no WiFi or wireless networks and no cell phones permitted.

- use some site development for organic farming.

- use of organic food products for the residents and marketplace sales.

Changes will not occur without a demand. If you have an interest in a village as described please respond with comments or inquiries to eli@ahappyhabitat.com.
Email: eli@ahappyhabitat.com