Electrical hypersensitivity triggers and treatment.

EMF expert Melody Chan Graves to give us an update on the latest research regarding electrohypersensitivity and what cutting edge environmental docs like Dr. Bill Rea of the Environmental Health Center in Dallas, TX are really seeing with their patients.

By the way, Melody Chan Graves herself overcame a debilitating case of fibromyalgia with the help of alternative treatments and building biology. Because of her remarkable recovery after eliminating electromagnetic radiation exposure in her home, she became not only passionate about spreading awareness for electrical hypersensitivity syndrome, but now specializes in electromagnetic radiation detection and mitigation in clients’ homes (www.ecodynamicliving.com).

Here’s Melody’s report:

Dr. William Rea shared insights about electrical hypersensitivity gleaned from nearly thirty years of working with environmentally ill patients.

Rea opened by saying that human beings are all antennas with different levels of sensitivity, and finding safe places for sensitive people is like trying to “reinvent the cave.”

He has observed a high correlation with sensitivity to metals like zinc, copper, stainless steel, titanium, molybdenum, manganese, and magnesium. Metal implants like dental fillings, metal jaws, shoulder joints, etc. will contribute to electrical sensitivity, because they act as antennas.

Underscoring the synergistic relationship between different types of environmental exposures, Dr. Rea remarked that 80-90% of ES is preceded by multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), and pesticide exposure is the initiator in 80% of patients seen

A growing area of concern is chemical exposure from fracking associated with natural gas wells. Dr. Rea is convinced that whatever is in the gas line is present in the air around the gas well and is being inhaled by occupants inside the fracking zone. He attributes this to the use of hydrochloric acid in conjunction with toxic chemicals in the fracking fluid. This can be confirmed through a breath analysis that he performs on patients at the clinic. In other words, he can detect specific fracking chemicals in the exhaled breath of patients living in fracking zones, ranked natural gas drilling as the second most prevalent trigger to electrical sensitivity in the patients he has seen in his clinic. The four major triggers are listed below:

Four Major Triggers to Electrical Sensitivity

  1. Exposure to Pesticides, Molds, and Mycotoxins

  2. Fracking from natural gas drilling

  3. Formaldehyde

  4. Technology, such as occupational exposure to high levels of electromagnetic fields

He also shared the methods of treating electromagnetic sensitivity he had developed over his many years in practice.

Treatment of Electromagnetic Sensitivity

When asked to describe the end result of ES, Dr. Rea said the syndrome most definitely telescopes into a fatal disease. He stated that ES has a genetic component waiting for a trigger, and that Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dead nerves in the brain, and heart arrhythmias are all examples of end results of ES patients left untreated.

Despite the rather gloomy news about ES, he expressed hope at the continued growth of the environmental medicine field. Currently, there are three physician’s organizations dedicated to environmental medicine, and there are about 5,000 complementary doctors worldwide. Please visit www.buildingbiology.net for more information.

Further Reading:

Full text copy of Dr. Rea’s 1989 study http://www.aehf.com/articles/em_sensitive.html