by: Carlos Sosa MD

Since the month of July of 2007 I have been living in a Faraday Cage due to the
fact that I have a medical diagnosis of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS).
EHS is a clinical diagnosis that rests upon the production of signs and
symptoms by the exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF), particularly by the
microwaves and radiofrequencies used in cell phone telephony, wireless internet
and other wireless technologies. The production of these signs and symptoms
follows a variable course after the exposure to EMF: it can take seconds,
minutes, hours and sometimes days. The requirement made by engineers and
physicists (lackeys of the cell phone industry) in the sense that exposure to
EMF must be recognized IMMEDIATELY by EHS patients is a fraudulent order imposed
on the Medical Profession by delinquents. The human cell DOES NOT obey the
orders of the cell phone industry and its provocation studies.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity broke apart my life. To start off, I lost my
job at the hospital´s Emergency Department or ER. Not being able to withstand
electromagnetic fields in today´s technological medical settings of computers
and wireless communication systems is a major handicap for anybody working in a
modern hospital. The physical signs and symptoms brought about by EHS have been
extremely difficult to bear. The permanent dizziness, the nausea and the
headaches constitute a practical castration. It is important to mention the
economical decline that we, the victims of Michael Repacholi and his double
morals, generally suffer with the onset of the clinical picture. But perhaps the
most serious circumstance is the resulting isolation and the physiological
incapacity to reason. The tears of blood I have cried convinced me that a life
with EHS was not worth living. The decision was clear: to shield or perish. A
cage, even if it´s a golden one, remains as a physical and mental prison.

The neurological dysfunctions and the cases of cancer that are happening around
cell phone base stations (cell phone masts) and its antennas all over of the
world, constitute an international epidemic and a genocidal episode sponsored
directly by the World Health Organisation and its Electromagnetic Fields
Project. Just like in the tobacco genocide, where the WHO was directly involved
in the replacement of air (Nitrogen 78%, Oxygen 21%, CO2, Argon, Helium, Neon,
Krypton, Xenon, water vapor) used in the normal respiratory physiology, with
tobacco smoke because "there is no proof of the damage", we now have another
international genocide based on statements in the sense that the human central
nervous system was designed to withstand the irradiation with microwaves and
radiofrequencies from cell phone telephony. Both the gadget and the cell phone
base stations are equally implied.

Unfortunately for Margaret Chan (Director-General of WHO) and Emily Perkins van
Deventer (Director of the EMFs Project), Medicine had determined the medical
relationships of causality between these electromagnetic fields used in cell
phone telephony and disease (and the consequent death in many cases) many
decades before the Electromagnetic Fields Project came into existence.
Scientific criteria used in epidemiology, like the Koch-Henle epidemiological
postulates, the Bradford Hill criteria and the Susser criteria, sponsor and
support the statement that the exposure to cell phones and cell phone base
stations is an artificial environmental insult that is pertinent to cause the
death of human beings.

Electromagnetic fields directly alter cortical neurological structures related
to superior brain functions like attention, memory and thought. The rupture of
social and affective relationships is one of the early concomitant losses in
EHS. Many turned their backs on me and left.

The publication of the Bioinitiative Report and the Interphone Study (amongst
millions) stands as a smoking gun pointing to the culprits. Furthermore, the
World Health Organisation and its Electromagnetic Fields Project has maintained
a funeral silence in front of the clinical expertise of the biggest
international center dedicated to the deadly effects of cell phones, wireless
internet and its transmission networks. The Environmental Health Center in
Dallas has gathered clinical evidence from all over the world during the last 36
years concerning the damaging nature of the exposure of human beings to
electromagnetic fields (microwaves and radiofrequencies). The center is run by
MEDICAL DOCTORS, not by engineers and physicists like the EMF Project of the
WHO. The argument in the sense that I know a lot of Medicine because I studied
physics in Australia, is a fundamental tenet of this international medical fraud
sponsored directly by the World Health Organisation.

The expulsion of Dr. Olle Johansson MD from WHO´s international workshop on EHS
by Michael Repacholi and Emily Perkins van Deventer a few years ago, is a
talking illustration of the type of cathouse that has been organized inside the
World Health Organisation by the cell phone industry.

I beg you to please take a look at my Faraday Cage at the following website:

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Carlos Sosa MD- EHS TENT)

I send my feelings of solidarity and respect to the victims who live around cell
phone base stations (and wireless internet antennas). My condolences go to the
families who have lost a loved one because of the criminal exposure to
electromagnetic fields on behalf of Michael Repacholi and Emily Perkins van