Eli has a background in Electrical engineering (EE, Rutgers). He also has a Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Virginia.

He is now a refugee, not running from a natural hazard, or a diabolical tribe, but rather electromagnetism and chemicals, which now pervade his environment.

Once a successful software engineer, he was forced to leave his livelihood after he could no longer tolerate sitting in front of a computer. Clinching chest pains, tinnitus and a horrid feeling when around computers did his career in.

He plays guitar, and is making every effort to survive in a world of ever increasing electro pollution. Hear recording of Eli on guitar. Eli is sensitized to the digital recorder, so these are rare. The microphone pre-amp is handmade.

His aspiration is to start a self sufficient community, where a person such as himself can pursue happiness without being irradiated by EMF and posoned be chemicals. The community is envisioned to be centered around an organic farm, yet close enough to civilization where isolation is not an issue.

He started this website, ahappyhabitat, to help fill the void of information about EHS.

Case Study

The following is a chronology of events which ultimately lead to his collapse. It apparently was caused by a pre-disposition to chemical sensitivity which dates back to the seventies when his health care architect father took him to NYC inhaling all the exhaust fumes, and a multitude of incitements in the environment and work, including injury from working as a process control engineer in the chemical, oil and gas industries, exposure to large CRT monitors, use of a cell phone and blasted by fragramces.

His first episode began after moving to a high rise dormitory at Rutgers. His ears were ringing badlay, so he attributed it to his new acoustic guitar, when it was really the EMF.

Life was never the same in 1990 after receiving a measles vaccine and lost his vitality. he checked himself to the emergency room, but they said he was in great shape.

For 6 years he worked in the chemical oil and gas industries, working on site at various plants throughout the country. he was referred to as a road worrier. Many a time he felt sick and nausea from the chemical exposure. He often suffered from tremors after spending time at the Texaco oil refinery at New Castle, DE. Tremors are a tell tale sign of nerve damage, and to this day he experiences tremors after lawn applications nearby. He now gets the same tremors after prolonged exposure to EMF. In response to complaints, his manager at The Foxboro co. told him he had to know when to breath. There were few opportunities in engineering during the recession.

Further damage ocurred in 2001 after buying a first generation NEC 19 inch; MultiSync CRT monitor and matriculated in a Microsoft Windows programming course at Boston University. Endless hours were spent using computers both on the job at the Foxboro Co. and at home. Visual Display Units (VDT) are clearly a leading trigger for EHS sufferers.

For years he had headaches from the stale air in the Cocasset building where he worked, especially after a renovation. Fumes from printers and copy machines bothered him. The building was renovated, a leading cause of sick building syndrome. his manager promised eli that the printers at foboro development would go into a closet. it never happened. he had a headache in his new office, it was a living nightmare. he moved to another office, only to find a niegbor move next door with 5 monitors.

His amateur dentist botched up a large amalgam filling in a cracked molar. The job required two visits and at least three attempts, all the while poisoning him with mercury.

He started to get an ill feeling while watching TV at home, but somehow managed to survive at work with an old dell trinitron crt monitor. It was especially uncomfortable when two computers were running in his cubicle. Certain CRT monitors caused pain, particularly an NEC model. His Dell trinitron was the most tolerable, used at a distance.

His condition declined further after buying an HP "Live Strong" laptop computer. Somehow the laptop caused troublesome symptoms that weren't felt with his work computer.

His decline accelerated after he received an NEC 17" LCD monitor at work. It caused discomfort from the start, but somehow withstood it.

He got a cell phone, which was used for all long distance calls. He felt as if he was coming down with a flu, suffering from fibromyalgic arm and leg pain in the evenings from benadryl. He had trouble sleeping, getting just a few hours a night. Chronic fatigue plagued him. He didn't know at the time that the cell phone was causing harm. his brain went into a frenzied seizure as he tried to sleep.

A new tenant moved in below at his apartment in Mansfield, MA. A strong fragrancee odor began to permeate into his apartment. Soon the exhaust from the laundry room became offensive. His chemical sensitivity was peaking.

He changed the spark plug wires on his car from the stock resistive type to solid copper core. The car ran better, but it was a dire error to his health condition.

He moved his sleeping quarters to a room with a refrigerator on the adjacent wall. Several earlier incidents occrurred when Eli entered that room, and experienced dizziness when near the breaker panel. But Eli wasn't able to piece the danger together, because he was still searching for the incitements on his own, with no information on the web. Medical doctors, as now, lacked the education or knowledge breadth to comprehend that minute EMF fields can be harmful.

He finally got a Trifield meter and discovered that the apartment had a particularly high magnetic field. He was sleeping for 10 years in 1.5 milli gauss. There was a transformer within a few feet of his head. The main power lines for the building went through his ceiling. he especially reacted near the fuse panel, where his be was located.

After years of searching to put a name to his ailment, he discovered FEB Sweden, and read "Black on White". He came to the revelation that he was not alone - emf caused tinnitus. it was documented in the 1960s by the us navy and others around the world experienced the same thing. Others had tinnitus and felt ill from computers. He was injured by CRT monitors, the cell phone and intoxicated with mercury and arsenic.

On the week of February 7, 2006 his immune system was in decline. A power outage in the office, unbeknownst to him, turned on the second computer in his cubicle. His ears were fiercely ringing, and piercing chest pains pounded him within just a few seconds of exposure to a computer, particularly LCD monitors.

He saw his doctor who threw up his arms and prescribed an anti-depressant. which made Eli bug-eyed, nauseous and suicidal. He ultimately had a raging panic attack and fled. he was so baked that his tinnitus flared as he drove under power lines.

His career as a principal software engineer in a research and development group was over, and left his job and livelihood in Massachusetts.

After residing several years in New Jersey, his condition has deteriorated. All it took was a visit to a Harbor Freight Tool store in Saddle Brook, NJ. He felt horrible symptoms, but waited in a long line anyway. Even the cashier had a terrible headache and knew the building was sick. Ever since then he has chronic headaches, has a choking sensation, and his chest pains become unbearable. Such a story shows how vulnerable we are, and precaution is essential. Eli, like so many others need a Refuge,


There are several cornerstones to recovery: strengthen the immune system, detoxification, positive imagery and avoidance of EMF.

- he exercises
- regularly takes a sauna, with 400 milligrams of Niacin.
-preservative free methyl B-12.
-takes vitamins and anti-oxidents.
- limits alcohol use.
- limits sugar intake,
- diet includes organic foods and vegetables. A daily nutritive shake is essential. The following ingredients are blended in a Vita-Mix 5200: Shake Ingredients include an apple, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, a banana, blueberries or strawberries (Trader Joe's), vitamin C, Dr. Ben Kim Greens and water. You'll end up with a highy nutritive organic shake. Do not stand near the blender while in operation. Use an Air Switch. Some may find that eggs upset the stomach, if then omit them.
- avoids EMF as much as possible, avoiding the obvious.
- never watches TV,
- rarely uses a cell phone, except for emergencies an air-tube headset.
- drives a car with a low magnetic field (Chevy Silverado) as little as possible, and avoids roads with heavy magnetic fields.
- Avoids establishments with TVs, fluorescent lights or RF, elevated magnetic fields.
- Keeps computer sessions to a very short time - while using his modified computer at a 25 foot distance Low Emission Computer, which is a work in progress.
- occasionally imagines himself in an safe, electromagnetic free environment, which is an impossible feat.

His persistent headache has improved a bit since moving from a condo to a detached house in rural America where cell towers are not as dense, and he is no longer provoked by the neighbor's TV and eight wireless routers. The key to survival with EHS is knowing your limitations, limiting ones exposure or otherwise face further illness. EHS can lead to a vicious cycle, in which more exposure even furthers ones sensitivity. The prospect of returning to corporate America is extremely dim. Chances for a full recovery are limited.

Since November, 2013 Eli's headache has inflamed. Five WiFi networks (no more than 2 out of five strength, none of which are picked up by a iPhone or iPad), Satellite TV with switching power inserter inverter. telephone cable modem are taking him down, along with common mode noise on the grid.

But he hasn't given up. He discovered that Sundown "Super Snooze" melatonin exacerbates his headache, and he just swapped out the switching power inserter supply for the satellite dish with his home-brew linear supply. He installed an HDMI fiber optic cable to his brother's TV to eliminate the coaxial cable that runs through the length of the house. Then the TV set-top receiver (which always has to be powered) was moved tucked away in the basement next to the fuse panel. He also put a timer on the phone modem which switches it off at night and retro-fitted it with a linear power supply. he fitted his car with 8 k ohm resistive spark plugs which greatly helped drivability. Elimination of the satellite TV coaxial cable offered essential relief. One must not underestimate the impact of the impulses produced by switching power supplies and the ultra high frequencies going over a long cable.

Eli's brother also has "inflamation of the chest" from his cell phone. This shows that many more people are inflicted with EHS but are unaware of it - he would not have connected electromagnetism to ill symptoms unless Eli's told him. Two bothers having EHS suggests of a genetic vulnerability.

By the time Eli got the house in order by eliminating all switching mode pwer supplies a digital electric utility was installed next door. This meter is producing intense radiation which is pointing directly at our house and causing tinnitus, chest pains and a pounding headache. Eli has met his match and must decide whether to fight for its removal, shield, flee or sit it out and risk the inevitable decline in his condition.